Smart Buildings

Our Smart Building Solutions leverage the accuracy and low power consumption of 60Ghz mm and UWB radar chip sets to deliver a wide range of sensing solutions for Smart Building applications.


Room occupancy - HVAC Module

The X4-ROM is a small, low-cost impulse radar based occupancy and ranging sensor intended for new and existing building automation and control. It was designed to be retro-fitted into a junction box or packaged in an off-the-shelf enclosure to cover the majority of commercial and residential rooms. The unit was specifically targeted to plug-and-play with existing LonWorks or BACnet based controllers to immediately leverage human occupancy and activity for building power savings. Depending on the desired interface and use, additional functionality can be accessed with a firmware upgrade, e.g. proximity zones.

Human Awareness

Counting, traffic flow, loitering, ......

SensorLogic works with industrial and automotive mmWave radar (FMCW 60-81 GHz band, specifically from TI) to develop sensing solutions for human awareness.  Currently we work in 5 – 10 GHz, 60-GHz and 77-GHz frequency bands. 

Through the use of a distributed network of virtual multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) arrays we can produce rich point-cloud data for human awareness applications, that allows us to detect a human density of up to 4 people / square meter with high accuracy.

SensorLogic can provide a complete hardware and firmware prototype package. We design and realize the custom antenna array with radar module and peripheral electronics, as well as port the simulated algorithms to the embedded platform for real-world deployment.