Chips & Salsa

SensorLogic radar development kits are ideal for customers seeking full control of the radar chip, access to raw radar data and the ability to quickly prototype their own radar applications.


SensorLogic Chips+Salsa is a suite of radar-based hardware modules with companion software that make it easy and flexible for our customers to develop and deploy sophisticated radar applications. Chips+Salsa development kits are an ideal development platform for customers seeking full control of the radar, access to raw radar data and the ability to develop their own radar applications.

Our Chips+Salsa concept is composed of a SensorLogic software suite (Salsa) and multiple radar modules (Chips), or capes. Chips+Salsa Development Kits are designed to reach most markets we serve today; health care, home automation, proximity sensing, robotics, climate sensors and general GPR applications.

Built on the BeagleBone Black platform, kits come with a radar cape, an antenna cape, and all accessories that will have you up and running radar demonstrations within an hour of opening up your new kit!

Easy Assembly

Modular Design


Salsa Software provides a real-time, web-served radar viewer, SalsaScope, as well as the Salsa Software Development Kit (SDK): containing a radar and DSP library, a MATLAB toolbox, a Python wrapper, and a host of scripts and demonstration applications (web-based and embedded). Application demonstrations include Ranging, Zone Sense, Doppler and Motion Detection, Respiration, Temperature, and Frame Rate. Supported environments include Python, MATLAB, Eclipse, C, C++ and Linux. SalsaWeb, the web-served interface, allows a user to display output on any platform supporting Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 10.

Radar Development Kits


The Salsa Onza Radar development kit is a BeagleBone Black compatible cape based on the XeThru X4 (6.6 GHz – 9.5 GHz) radar technology. The Onza is suitable for ranging, tracking, sensing, respiratory and positioning capabilities. Example markets include Building Automation, Agriculture, Construction Equipment, Machine Control and Health Monitoring. Applications can be written for the Onza using the Salsa software suite. This kit comes with Salsa software preloaded on a BeagleBone Black, a tri-pod, and a mounting plate.


The Ancho development kit is based on the Novelda XeThru X2 system on chip (SoC) (4.5 – 9.5 GHz) radar technology. The Ancho is suitable for ranging, tracking, sensing and positioning applications that can be used in Building Automation, Health Care, Industrial Machine Control, and Proximity Sensing markets. The Ancho has several antenna options including sinuous, patch, and linear tapered slot styles.