Flat Earth Inc is now SensorLogic

In response to the growth and diversity of our customer base and the expansion of our technical capabilities and ambitions, Flat Earth Inc is re-branding as SensorLogic. This change reflects the broader scope of the markets we serve and proprietary sensing solutions we deliver. SensorLogic will offer the same UWB and mm Radar technical expertise that you are accustomed to. We will offer the same UWB products [solutions] and development kits under the SensorLogic brand. The current Flat Earth Inc staff will become part of the SensorLogic team. SensorLogic will offer expanded technical services in the areas of higher frequency radar for people tracking and room occupancy, MIMO arrays, as well as a [new] and dedicated team focused on FPGA development, audio beam-forming, and much more.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change please feel free to contact us.