Electronic Design

Whether industrial, medical, or consumer in nature, your product may need to capture data, process information, and control responses. The Flat Earth team has years of experience integrating all types of inputs, including: radar, audio, FPGAs, GPS, IMU, and sensor data of all types. We also develop the embedded software you need to interface with other devices and systems, communicate with the outside world, run applications, and control motors, servos, and other electro-mechanical devices.

PCB Design

  • Analog/digital/optical and RF design
  • Custom radar board layout
  • Wireless systems, including Wi-Fi/WLAN (802.11),
  • Bluetooth®, GPS, ZigBee®
  • Power systems
  • Electronic circuit design and schematic capture
  • Board layout – mixed signal/high speed/high layer count (Altium®)
  • Design for manufacturability/testability (DFM/DFT)
  • Design for standards compliance (Safety, EMC/EMI)

UWB Radar

Complex, multi-layer board design and layout capabilities; specializing in high-frequency microwave and Ultra-wideband (UWB) design, as well as high-speed digital design.

  • Experience in mixed technology layout and usage of high-density interconnect (HDI) boards.
  • Radar and communications applications with systems link budget analysis and design.
  • Radar cross section (RCS) modeling and analysis.

mmWave Radar

SensorLogic works with industrial and automotive mmWave radar sensors (FMCW 60-81 GHz band, specifically from TI). The 60-GHz and 77-GHz frequency bands provide regulatory compliant systems as well as richer, wider bandwidth data yielding better overall accuracy. 

We start with a robust simulation engine in MATLAB to fully characterize the environment and target reflectors. 

Next we layer antenna array configurations and proceed to optimize according to customer constraints. From the processing side we apply various imaging algorithms, such as Doppler or DOA techniques, to optimize the radar imaging response and fidelity. 

Finally, we can provide a complete hardware and firmware prototype package. We will design and realize the custom antenna array with radar module and peripheral electronics, as well as port the simulated algorithms to the embedded platform for real-world deployment.


  • IWR6843AoP (integrated antenna)
  • IWR6843


  • IWR6843ISK-ODS
  • DCA1000EVM


In-house antenna design, simulation, test and manufacturing utilizing full 3D EM (Electromagnetic) synthesis and modeling.

  • Rapid prototype-to-test iterative process for speed and optimization.
  • Covering frequencies from Narrow-band antennas up to 24 GHz, to UWB (Ultra-wideband) antennas – specializing in the 3-10 GHz ISM band.
  • Linear and planar antenna arrays for phased array and beamforming applications.
  • Varying topologies, specializing in planar pcb and patch antennas for UWB and radar applications.
  • Test instrumentation up to 20 GHz with Anechoic Chamber down to 300 MHz.
  • Integrated radome housing design and manufacturing.


SensorLogic has extensive experience in the development of embedded field programmable gate array (FPGA) applications.

The FPGA integrated circuit is a platform which enables mass parallelism, high compute hand tailored processing. We have leveraged FPGAs for projects which have required real time deterministic digital signal processing to enable audio, video and other fused sensor applications.

Our experience includes FPGA board design and consult, hardware
descriptor language programming of the FPGA, design of operating system drivers and applications paired to custom acceleration IP in the FPGA and use of high level synthesis tools to generate FPGA programming.


  • System software architecture
  • Embedded real-time control
  • Platform and device driver development (DSPs, USB, I2C, Ethernet, EEPROM, FLASH, ADC, DAC)
  • Application development utilizing C, C++, C#, Python, MATLAB
  • Signal processing algorithm development
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • FPGA system development
  • Embedded development and low-level porting
  • Linux development and expertise