XeThru by Novelda

Novelda discontinued all module sales and support. SensorLogic will offer continued sales and support of remaining X4M300 modules. SensorLogic will also offer alternative solutions to Novelda modules. Just ask us how we can help.


XeThru Occupancy Sensor

The XeThru X4M300 is Novelda’s presence and occupancy sensor powered by the XeThru X4 ultra wide band radar chip. Ultra sensitive and with excellent signal to noise performance, the sensor detects even the smallest human movement in a room.

What’s more, the sensor’s presence detection zone is fully programmable, and can be configured up to a distance of 9.4 meters. The sensor also accurately measures the distance to occupants.
The sensor provides developers with a complete occupancy or vacancy detection solution and is ready for deployment in a variety of commercial product applications including security, lighting and HVAC control.

X4 Radar

Ultra Wide Band radar SoC from Novelda

Novelda’s XeThru X4 is an ultra wide band (UWB) impulse radar chip. It provides product developers with sub-mm movement sensing accuracy at distances from 0 to 25 meters depending on target size.

Operating at sub 10GHz frequencies, the X4 UWB radar enables sensors to see through obstacles and detect even the smallest movements; its performance being optimized for occupancy sensing and respiration monitoring.